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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Folks - Below is a link to an article that is worth reading ahead of local government elections.

For many years now I’ve advocated for the establishment of a single entity, governed by a private sector board of directors, to take responsibility for strategies to lift New Zealand’s small business economy.

Fundamentally it’s about Regional Economic Development.

This article captures why I’ve been advocating so strongly for greater cooperation for SME strategy across all-of-government (including local government, EDA’s and Chambers of Commerce), and it looks more broadly at the debilitating level of fragmentation across New Zealand’s governing bodies.

As the article says, we have a “complex maze of governing bodies, their powers and how they work together are misaligned and their focus is on budgets and process rather than outcomes”.

New Zealand has 845 institutions including 29 government departments, 20 district health boards, 26 tertiary education institutions, 300 crown entities, and 11 regional and 67 local councils.

This is why I’m advocating for Greater Regional Cooperation here in the BOP. And the only way this is going to happen is through sweeping change of elected members this election.

Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership.

It’s time . . .

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