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Pausing to say thanks is one of the most important things we can all do, no matter how busy we are.

So, I wanted to do just that today, to pay respect to all the amazing people I have met over the past five months in my bid to be the next Mayor of Tauranga.

Thank you for your support, for your trust in me, for sharing your stories, your challenges, and the opportunities you see for our great city.

I’m running for Mayor because I know I can make a real difference, working together with you, for Tauranga.

I constantly hear an increasingly loud call for change. Many of our residents have had enough of the bullying, project failures and lack of respect that is currently evident in our council.

Maybe this rising call for change is the reason this election campaign has also had more than its fair share of dirty politics. Whatever the reason, it needs to stop.

The use of social media and the rumour mill to personally denigrate and defame is unacceptable and dangerous. I have always lived by the mantle, “if you are not courageous enough to say it to someone’s face, it should not be said”.

Dirty politics should have no place in our beautiful city. We should be sticking to the policies and issues that desperately need addressing. The very issues that many of our residents lie awake at night worrying about.

We are New Zealand’s fifth largest city and fastest growing region. Campaigning is effectively an application for the top job in council and we need the best applicant for the job based on their CV, their past credentials, and their experience.

Spreading rumours and throwing mud should have no place here. I acknowledge it is a political campaign however the level of intimidation and rumour mongering is extremely concerning.

With that in mind I thank my incredible individual supporters, and those from many disparate groups and organisations, once again. You drown out the naysayers and remind me, constantly, why I am doing this and that, together, we can make a profound change for good in #Tauranga.

Please give me your #1 Vote for positive change.


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