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This year, the new voting system is complicated and we all need to understand how it works.

Under Single Transferable Voting, if you don’t vote carefully, your vote may not accurately reflect your preferred outcome.

There's no doubt that with 10 Mayoral candidates votes could easily be split. With the STV system it's even more likely!

Here’s why - in the 2019 Tauranga election, you will be asked to rank the Mayoral candidates in your order of preference. If you want me, Tenby Powell, as your Mayor, put a #1 beside my name and please do not give any other Mayoral candidates a ranking. If you do rank them as your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice, they could win on those lower rankings.

If you, like me, believe Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership, I would appreciate your #1 vote this year as the next Mayor of Tauranga.

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