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Have you voted?

If the answer is yes, thank you! But that wasn’t the challenge.

The challenge is – can you find 5 people who haven’t voted and encourage them to do so?

Please ask your workmates, colleagues, friends, family and neighbours . . . even the diary owner or shops and businesses you go into.

Only 17% of Tauranga residents have voted. Potentially, this may be the lowest turnout in years.

I know you care? I know you want the chance to make our city better?

So the Tuesday challenge is . . . please send me a photo of someone you’ve encouraged to vote. Or better still, a selfie of you both! And please ask and receive their permission to do so.

Let’s get this city mobilized and unified!

And please vote #1 for Tenby Powell


#tenbyfortauranga #votetenby #tenbyformayor #pickpowell

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