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I am often asked what I hope to achieve in my first 100 days if I am elected Mayor of Tauranga.

There's a myriad of issues to sort out, here's just some of the priorities I have set:

Starting the Process to Change the Culture at Tauranga City Council:

This is a city divided. It's time for a Mayor who is an experienced leader and a team builder. Everywhere I go people tell me they are not heard, their concerns fall on deaf ears and they do not feel respected by our Elected Members and Council.

If we are to have effective leadership, a visionary plan and a united, cohesive city we must start with changing the culture within council.

I look forward to working with Chief Executive Marty Grenfell to transform the Tauranga City Council into a responsive, efficient and trusted organisation that makes pragmatically sound decisions and delivers on its promises.

While this will take much longer than 100 days, we will certainly start the process well within that time.

Fixing the Mauao Base Track:

For too long we have watched indecision override community, social and cultural enrichment.

The Mauao Base Track is just one example of this. It is possibly New Zealand's most beloved track. It is certainly ours.

In my first 100 days I will lead a team to seek an effective, pragmatic solution, in consultation with Iwi, to fix the base track and make it accessible for all people.

When the Rubber Hits the Road you Fly a Plane:

We have some of the most dangerous roads in New Zealand. Our congestion affects our ability to get around our city safely. SH2 takes too many lives. And the Bayfair Underpass must stay.

From the relationships I have with central government I know the conversations TCC is currently having are not effecting the outcomes we need for safer, more accessible roads in our region and city.

We need to change the conversations to better align with the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Transport. A core priority of the GPS is safety.

By improving our relationships and conversations with Central Government we can shift the conversation to safety and reducing road accidents and seek ways to free up more funding.

This will be one of my key priorities well within the first 100 days.

Community Matters : BYO Packed Lunch:

I started my Mayoral campaign with a series of community matters meetings across our city and within our communities. Why stop there? Genuine conversations build stronger communities.

In my first 100 days I will host packed lunch Fridays in our community. I will invite the community to come along and share their views. To discuss the most important matters and table great solutions.

Let's keep it simple, real, and authentic. We will have real conversations, without barriers, that are robust, honest and respectful.

Let's build our community together, give our city a strong voice and break the shackles of constraint.

I will be an accessible, inclusive Mayor. A Mayor who cares ... and listens.

I would appreciate your #1 vote this year as the next Mayor of Tauranga and I invite you to share this email with your colleagues, family, and friends.

❗️And please ensure you get your voting papers back in the post by no later than next Tuesday, October 8th, or they may not make it by midday, 12th October and will therefore not be counted❗️


It’s Time . . .

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