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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In the next couple of weeks, I hope you’ll join me on ‘Tenby’s Trails’ - an opportunity to talk while we walk or ride around our wonderful city.

Some of the ‘Trails’ will be early morning and can be faster for younger people; others will later and can be slower to ensure our seniors are included.

I’m also a cyclist so if you want to ride, I’m totally up for that too, provided we can talk.

As you know, community engagement is very important to me, so please show me your favourite part of Tauranga Moana while we chat about the things most important to you.

We can go around and up Mauao, into the Papamoa Hills, stroll the walkway around Waikareao Estuary, walk along Papamoa or Omanu beach, and simply walk around Downtown or your suburb.

I’d like to hear your suggestions as to where we can walk or ride, and the best times to meet.

Thanks for all the support everyone, I’m grateful to you all and am really enjoying meeting such an engaged and caring community.

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