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​I have a vision. A vision that unites, connects and empowers the people of Tauranga.

A vision to lead the change that so many seek.

It’s time for Tauranga to be bold. To be a smart city that embraces partnerships, seeking new ways to fund and deliver the core infrastructure we dearly lack.

It’s time for Tauranga to be a city that truly connects our people through the generations. A city that listens, collaborates and inclusively finds the best solutions together with our residents.

It's time for Tauranga to be a city that genuinely respects our people, celebrating and nurturing our diversity. A city that looks after our most vulnerable and supports and celebrates our most successful demonstratively.

A city that is healed through compassionate leadership.

It’s time for us to nurture our environment with an active focus on sustainability. We are a magnet city with enviable and iconic landscapes and a lifestyle that must be protected for all to enjoy.

And it’s time to celebrate and showcase our leadership position as New Zealand’s epicenter for culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

It’s time for leadership that is bold yet inclusive; strategic yet outcome driven. Leadership that develops a collaborative, high performing team culture. Leadership that listens, empowers and trusts. Leadership that values people, does not tolerate under performance or bullying and, ultimately, leadership that develops a vision along with a well-executed plan.

It’s time for you to decide. If you want status quo in our city, vote for the incumbents. But if, like me, you truly believe Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership, then vote for change.

I know I have the values based visionary leadership skills to take us there. Let’s take this journey together.

If you want a better #Tauranga, please give me your #1 vote and please share this email with your colleagues, family and friends.

Oh❗️And make sure you post your voting papers back before next Tuesday, October 8th❗️


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