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For over three months now, I have engaged widely with various #Tauranga communities.

I use the plural as the cultural richness and diversity of Tauranga Moana adds both an exciting and yet challenging dimensional to civic and political leadership of this wonderful sub-region.

I’ve met with business leaders; Iwi Rangatira and Kaumatua; church leaders; environmental groups; members of the horticultural and marine industries, the indefatigable folk who look after our growing population of homeless; roading, rail and infrastructure interest groups; to name a few.

I’ve also met many of the families who have been broken, and ultimately made to feel like pariahs, as a consequence of a failed building process.

Which is to say failed leadership.

And I encourage you to vote for sweeping change this election. Perhaps you might consider how you’ll vote based on this premise: the best predictor of future behaviour and performance is past behaviour and performance.

Tauranga has outgrown a leadership style that lacks the breadth, depth and experience of many of the current Elected Members.

Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership.

It’s time . . .

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