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Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership

It's time for a Mayor who is an experienced leader and team builder. A Mayor who can work with our city Chief Executive to transform the Tauranga City Council into a responsive, efficient, collaborative and trusted organisation that makes pragmatically sound decisions and delivers on its promises.

My vision for Tauranga is a regionally, nationally and globally connected city. A bold, smart city that embraces partnerships, respects and connects our people through the generations, nurtures our environment with an active focus on sustainability, and celebrates our leadership position as New Zealand’s epicenter for culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

Under my leadership we will find better solutions for Tauranga’s most pressing issues with Effective Leadership, Financially Savvy Management and Strong Regional Cooperation.

It would be an honour to serve you as the next Mayor of Tauranga, putting my skillset to work for our great city.

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