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So now nominations have closed, we know who’s running.

So - I’m keen to get your thoughts.

I’ve been campaigning for the past three months and have met many hundreds of people and interest groups.

The vast majority tell me they want sweeping change at this election and better leadership for Tauranga. Many told me Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership which is why I used this as my key positioning statement from the outset.

This has been echoed in the three public debates I’ve attended. And I ask you to note, that many of the new candidates who did not declare their interest in running, avoided the debates. I would argue this sends a clear signal as to their leadership style.

If you truly believe Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership, I’m committed to delivering exactly that and would be honoured to be your Mayor.

I can’t do it alone and I ask that you look carefully at those running for Council too.

And my recommendation is you ask one key question: who has a track record of past performance and success, particularly at senior executive and Governance level? Past performance is a the best indicator of future performance.

Do not be fooled by promises of future performance by those who have failed consistently in the past.


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