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My thanks to Matt Cowley and the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce for hosting the Mayoral Debate at Baycourt.

You were a great MC tonight Matt and managed 11 head-strong candidates dexterously. No one was Red Carded, and only a minor infringement prompting a Yellow Card warning. So well done Ref!

I was pleased to see a wide age range of residents tonight. Great to see younger voters taking an interest.

And I even managed to get another hug, and standby for (yet) another #namedrop! This time from Sam Don Barber and his trusty companion Bo (The Barter Barker).

Tonight, I effectively challenged my competitors to “apply for the job of Mayor”. I did so in the context of arguing that past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

So, Mayoral candidates, show us your past performance please. My resume has been transparently available from day one of my campaign, on my website. Where is yours?

I intend to take the job of Mayor very seriously. In my work in the private sector, on government boards and in the military, I have been charged with safeguarding and caretaking investor value creation and advancing ‘brand NZ’ internationally, leading organisation growth and culture, and on occasion the lives of my team.

The job of mayor of Tauranga City is equally important. It also involves peoples’ money, their health, safety and yes, even their lives; certainly their welfare. But it goes beyond that - as Mayor I will not only safeguard all those essential elements but I will also be the biggest champion for our community and region.

My challenge to my competitors is simply this: “Do you have the senior leadership and governance experience to be the Mayor of Tauranga”? If so, let’s see your resume.

Here’s a direct link to mine:


#tenbyfortauranga #votetenby #tenbyformayor #pickpowell

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