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Matua Matters Meeting

My thanks to the large group of Matua residents who braved the chilly evening to join me last night at the Matua Matters meeting.

I appreciated meeting you and thank you for your insightful and challenging questions about the future of Tauranga.

Thanks also to those candidates running for council in this years’ local government election for joining the meeting: Erika Harvey, Alan Davidson, Heidi Hughes, Anna Larsen, Suzi Paige and Dave Bridgens.

At each ‘Community Matters’ meeting in every suburb, similar concerns are raised about the state of the city and its leadership.

Residents are looking for a Mayor who has a track record of effective leadership, who is financially savvy, who understands the importance of regional cooperation, and who can work collaboratively with a new group of councillors, and the TCC Chief Executive, as a unified team for the future of Tauranga and the BOP region.


It’s time . . .

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