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Campaigning to be the Mayor of Tauranga, New Zealand's fifth largest city, is effectively an application for the top job in council.

We need the best applicant for the job based on their CV, their experience, and their past performance.

So, I asked my campaign team to check in with some colleagues I've had the privilege to work with and here’s what they said:

"Tenby is an inspirational leader and brilliant operator, filled with boundless energy, intelligence, wit and genuine interest. Any relationship with Tenby is fundamentally built on respect and trust. This is his big talent: bringing people together." Jane Melville-Allen, Chief Executive, Demand Generator

"Tenby Powell is a great leader and communicator who inspired a group to follow a vision to be the best, a leader that motivated by trusting and empowering others whilst ensuring they were up-skilled to perform their tasks."

Kingi Pikaau – Business Development Manager, Hirepool

"Many people played important parts in the success but Tenby had the vision and the leadership to deliver it. He built a community of stakeholders that wanted to be part of what the business stood for; employees, customers, suppliers alike, and a culture that many still look back on fondly." Mark Powell (not related) CEO, HTC Ltd)

"Tenby has been a significant contributor to the APEC forum on behalf of New Zealand, and has been a strong advocate for small business and inclusiveness. The qualities of leadership, humanity and passion have been very self-evident in all of his interventions and contributions at APEC." David Toua, Immediate Past Chairman of APEC Business Advisory Council

"I had the pleasure of working with Tenby in two business ventures. I certainly wouldn’t have joined Tenby in the second business were I not strongly confident in Tenby’s strategic abilities, leadership qualities, and the way that he can galvanise people to not only be aligned but also so effective." Gordon Peel, CFO Hirepool & Advaro Finance

"I've had the privilege to work with Tenby Powell in Small Business Council since 2017. As an authentic leader, he shows genuine passion SMEs and the owner-managers who run them. His successful business experience also adds considerable value to the APEC Business Advisory Council that benefits New Zealand and which connects us with the wider Asia Pacific region."

Jerry He - Small Business Development Group (SBDG) & Small Business Council

"I had the privilege of working as a Personal Assistant for Tenby Powell when I was relatively new to the business world. The guidance, leadership and kindness that Tenby showed, not only myself but my co-workers, was something I had not encountered prior."

Jen Durham

Please share this email, give me your #1 vote this election and post your voting papers by no later than next Tuesday, October 8th, to ensure they arrive on time.


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