This is yet another example of what looks like underperformance stemming from poor or non-existent leadership from the top.

The lack of synergy and communication between the Mayor and Elected Members, and the hard working TCC staff is indeed a “Fumbling Disaster”.

Where is the informed, pragmatic and decisive decision making? Where is the transparent communication which would mitigate poor, and often misleading, information being given to the public?

It is quite simply disrespectful.

In Marty Grenfell we have an excellent Chief Executive. However for any CE to lead a high performing team he needs a focused, strategic, and adept Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are fully abreast all the issues and able to make informed decisions.

The whole story sounds very confusing and ratepayers should be concerned that council appears to be in complete disarray.

Tauranga deserves a Mayor who is a decisive leader. A Mayor who doesn’t fumble!

It’s time for Tauranga’s civic leadership to step-up and act in a manner befitting our position as New Zealand’s fifth largest city, fastest growing region, and of strategic importance to our country.


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