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Arts and culture enrich the fabric of a city, often reflecting who we are - or who we aspire to be - while helping us develop some semblance of understanding about an increasingly complex world.

Take a bow Jo Bond for the tireless work you do in sourcing some of the best national and global talent to bring here to #Tauranga.

Events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Avignon Festival in the south of France, the Adelaide Festival, supported by events from around New Zealand, make up what will be another incredible Tauranga Arts Festival.

I was privileged to attend the launch last Thursday evening and was, quite simply, blown away by the caliber of the events and acts on offer to us this year.

It’s really no surprise though, given the reputation of Jo Bond and The Tauranga Arts Festival. We should stand very proud as a city in the knowledge that this festival is world class and deserves support, not just from the public but also by our city.

And for downtown Tauranga, the festival is a show stopper. The cafes, bars and restaurants eagerly await the biannual festival and the vibrancy it brings to our city centre.

Congratulations to the corporate and civic sponsors of the festival. With only 28 per cent coming from ticket sales and the festival having to find sponsorship to cover the costs of all the performers, their support crews and their expenses, I can only imagine the hours and angst that Jo and the team must experience as they source the required funds.

I wonder if we could and should do more as a city to make this process easier? And I’m interested in your thoughts.

Arts and culture inspire, uplift and enrich us. Do you think they should receive more support given their contribution to Tauranga and the wider region?

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