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There's been a few myths circulating about me and, given that I am genuine in my desire to be your next Mayor and that I believe in authentic leadership, I thought I'd set the record straight.

Myth #1 - I'm apparently not a local.

Well, we can silence that one immediately. I was a foundation student at Matua Primary, went to Otumoetai Intermediate and Otumoetai College, completed an engineering apprenticeship here at Edwards Engineering before heading to Waikato University and pursing my business and military career. I lived here full time in 2016 when I Chaired WaikatoLink - the University of Waikato commercial arm - and I've been living here this year during my campaign. I'm a local who has come home . . . with considerable governance and leadership experience to make a difference.

Myth #2 - Apparently I said if I'm not Mayor here I'll try somewhere else.

Ah no! What I said, at the Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate was this "If I can't make a difference here, I'll go and make a difference somewhere else." And what I mean by that is simply that I am hard-wired to make a difference. Over the years I have done that in private business ventures and on the government appointment Directorships and Chair positions I have held. I genuinely wish to be the next Mayor of Tauranga, to make a positive difference here. If I am unsuccessful, my innate desire to make a positive difference will see me pursue alternative ventures and that may take me to other places. I hope not.

Myth #3 - Apparently I am not supportive of environmental protection.

The reality is I am - very! I specifically mention ‘nurturing our environment with an active focus on sustainability’ in my vision statement. Given the majority of our regional earnings are derived from the land and sea, surely we must therefore have a desire to better look after our environment? I also believe we have a duty of care to our next generations in this regard.

Myth #4 - Apparently, because of my military background I am not a collaborative leader.

I think the best way to assess that is to ask the opinion of others who have worked with me. I pride myself on my collaborative, inclusive leadership style. Nurturing talent and empowering people allows me to build high-performing teams. Many of the team based and duty of care values of the military have served me extremely well - as evidenced by the many testimonials I have received.

I believe Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership and I humbly believe I have the experience, credentials and values based visionary leadership to deliver that.

Please give me your #1 vote this election and please share this post with your colleagues, family and friends.

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