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Respect and trust with staff, customers and suppliers underpin my work and personal ethic. It is these values that I hope to bring to the role of Mayor of Tauranga as we transform the culture of the City Council.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Meet Jane Melville-Allen who I have had the pleasure of working with as a service supplier.

“I have known Tenby for over eight years and have provided marketing services to his businesses from larger companies like Hirepool to the early stage companies in which he invested.

He is an inspirational leader and brilliant operator, filled with boundless energy, intelligence, wit and genuine interest.

As a supplier, the measure of any client is watching them aspire for success, how they engage with their teams, and how they treat their customers and suppliers.

Tenby was fantastic to work with - it was never ‘work for’. It was some of the most enjoyable work we have ever done, mostly due to a clear set of objectives, everyone working well together as a team, and importantly, we all enjoyed the journey together.

Any relationship with Tenby is fundamentally built on respect and trust.

He also offers huge support to grow professionally and personally. I was personally supported by Tenby in my quest to become involved in the development of New Zealand’s small business economy. From there he supported me into cross-boarder relationships into Asia, which not only gave me a chance to “give back” but also built my company’s profile dramatically.

This is his big talent: bringing people together.

Jane Melville-Allen, Chief Executive, Demand Generator

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