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Through my experience in the private sector I have gained a strong ability to develop high performing teams.

Don’t just take my word for it though; meet Dave Constable.

“15 years ago I was working for a great locally owned hire company called Ready Hire, and I was approached by none other than Tenby Powell to become the local rep for Auckland based Hirepool.

I was sold by Tenby’s charisma and leadership style. For a split second I doubted his military back ground thinking we were all going to have marching lessons and polished shoe inspections but, WOW, how wrong I was. I embraced all he had to offer as a true visionary, leader; the guy just oozed respect and mana!

His goal was to grow Hirepool from Auckland and make it New Zealand’s leading equipment rental company in three years.

Everything was so seamless, had purpose, was calculated and planned for a reason. He had a vision and he achieved everything he set out to do - and we all had fun along the way!

I stood back in awe. It was his leadership style that we all embraced. He made me feel important in how he acknowledged me and my family. As he said one day, the business is all about the people which was probably the most valuable statement anyone has said to me about a business and I see Tauranga council as no different!

I tried to mirror Tenby’s style as it was so infectious. Everyone felt important and everyone knew their roles and what was expected to create a leading New Zealand business.

We created an environment that valued family, people smiled, people enjoyed their job’s, budgets / health and safety, and all others KPI’s, fell into place. The public liked to deal with us. They also felt the vibe that all staff had.”

Dave Constable - Rental Territory Sales Manager - The CAT Rental Store, Tauranga

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