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It’s important to me to see people develop and grow professionally and personally. Nurturing talent to create high performing teams has been one of the hallmarks of my leadership style. I believe it’s time for a Mayor who is a compassionate team builder.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Ask someone who worked for me. Meet Jen Durham, my PA when I worked in a large corporation.

“I had the privilege of working as a Personal Assistant for Tenby Powell when I was relatively new to the business world. The guidance, leadership and kindness that Tenby showed, not only myself but my co-workers, was something I had not encountered prior.

He has a great knack of seeing strengths in people and encouraging/helping them to use them in a valuable way. I was encouraged and inspired watching Tenby's leadership style, passion, smarts and forethought for everything he did/does.

Hearing of, and watching, Tenby's ventures in the time since I worked with him, makes me grateful that I was able to be mentored by someone who is so knowledgeable.

To date, it has been the best leadership I have had as there is a genuine passion for what Tenby does, and this passion brings out the same in the people around him.”

Jen Durham Tauranga

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