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I will bring a new level of leadership experience to the role of Mayor.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Meet Kingi Pikaahu who I first met in 2003 when we acquired Hirepool equipment rental:

“In his role as Managing Director at Hirepool, Tenby embarked on an ambitious growth strategy that would see the Hirepool business grow from 14 branches, located mostly in Auckland, to having 57 locations, and many more integrated business units, spanning the length of the country, from Whangarei to Invercargill.

And this all happened in three years!

Tenby’s wide range of business and leadership skills were instrumental in changing the landscape of the Hirepool rental business and he has left a lasting positive impression that will stand the test of time.

Whilst the physical growth of Hirepool was impressive, aligning Hirepool alongside New Zealand’s largest construction industry organisation was key to Hirepool becoming the most recognized and respected Equipment Rental business in the country.

For those that were a part of the cultural change and transition of Hirepool, this growth had to be supported by a team that could operate and function at a level never before experienced in our industry.

Changing the culture of the business and getting many hundreds of staff singing from the same song sheet was a feat to be admired.

From my experience, Tenby Powell is a great leader and communicator who inspired a group to follow a vision to be the industry best.

He is a leader that motivated by trusting and empowering others whilst ensuring they were up-skilled and educated to perform their tasks.

Tenby is a leader that is always looking to innovate whether that involves utilizing technology, building and surrounding himself with the best people in their fields, understanding the scope of the issues and outcomes required, then positioning his resources to ensure a successful result.”

Kingi Pikaau – Business Development Manager, Hirepool

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