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What is #Tauranga worth to you, your family and your friends?

It’s Wednesday. Just another day or a day to make a change? For good!

This time last election, voting lifted by 8 percent during this one day. Currently we are sitting on 20%. The same as three years ago.

And yet many haven’t voted. Let’s not be the city of apathy, let’s be the city that stands up, shows it cares, and calls for change.

It’s time . . .

Please remind everyone you see that we are in desperate need for change and better leadership. Encourage them to vote. Let’s say no to the naysayers. Let’s bring about the change we seek.

It’s too late to post now; the envelopes may not make it by midday Saturday.

So, last year, many must have voted and walked their ballot paper into TCC. Let’s encourage that to happen again and in even greater numbers. And let’s do that today, tomorrow and right up until midday Saturday.

Come on Tauranga! This year we have an opportunity to elect a progressive Council and it would be my honour to lead them as your Mayor.


❗️Please share this post widely among your friends and networks❗️

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