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There are only five more days to vote and with that comes the opportunity to elect a more representative council.

Diversity is very lacking in our current line up of Elected Members and I sincerely hope those who do vote this year will vote for a rejuvenated, fresh Council who truly represents our city.

It is exciting and heartening to see the quality of new candidates standing this year and what we will achieve if you elect them.

I believe I have the leadership skills to take our city forward and, with the right Elected Members beside me, we can truly transform #Tauranga City Council into a responsive, efficient and trusted organisation that makes pragmatically sound decisions and delivers on its promises.

We are currently not well represented across iwi, business, the social sector and youth. Diversity on council will give us better representation and has the ability to bring us closer together as a community.

If you haven’t yet voted, please take a moment to consider the new candidates. You will find diversity. You will find a fresh approach. You will find well qualified, high caliber candidates wanting to step-up, make a difference and, very importantly, unite the Tauranga City Council.

I encourage you to join me in voting for the new breed of Tauranga leaders.

Post your vote today. Or, walk it into TCC by Saturday. Make a difference. Vote for change.

Vote #1 for Tenby Powell


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