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A perspective from my Campaign Manager.


In this pretty little city that we call home we have an opportunity for change. For good. Imagine our city with bold yet inclusive leadership that empowers. Imagine a high performing Tauranga City Council with a Mayor and Elected Members that are pillars of good, respectful governance. Just imagine what we will achieve.

This is our opportunity to say enough! As residents, business owners, community members this is our opportunity to say how we want this city to be and how we want our council to serve us, respect us and empower us.

As campaign manager for Tenby Powell for Mayor of Tauranga it has been an absolute privilege working on this campaign because I have had the opportunity to see what might be. With Tenby Powell as our Mayor we will get the leadership we are lacking to build a high-performing team and a culture that will break new ground and define our way forward.

It’s time for our city to stand up and demand better leadership. Because we do deserve better ... and there is only one person who can deliver the leadership we desperately need.

There is still time to vote, if you haven’t already, and to motivate others to do the same. Post by Tuesday or walk in by Saturday.

Vote #1 for Tenby Powell.

Sally Cooke Lemberg

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