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Bethlehem Matters

Over the past two months, I’ve spent the majority of my time meeting residents, community leaders, business leaders and special interest groups to better understand your issues as I run for Mayor of Tauranga.

The next phase is meeting communities and to hear what matters.

Welcome to ‘Community Matters’.

I want to know about your community: the core needs, issues and opportunities in your backyard. Yes many of our issues are well publicised... but I want to hear what you think and care about as a resident of your community and our city?

It's time for a Mayor who is an experienced leader and a team builder. A Mayor who can work with our city Chief Executive to transform the Tauranga City Council into a responsive, efficient, collaborative and trusted organisation that makes pragmatically sound decisions and delivers on its promises.

To do that, I believe the Mayor must understand the needs of our community and this is where I would like to continue my engagement - on Community Matters. So please join me for the BETHLEHEM MATTERS meeting taking place on Thursday 12th September from 7.00pm - 8.00pm in the Bethlehem Baptist Church Lounge.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for other upcoming meeting dates, times and places.

It would be an honour to serve you as the next Mayor of Tauranga, putting my skillset to work for our great city.

Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership

*Authorised by Tenby Powell, 58 Devonport Road, Tauranga.

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