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Many people have asked me why I’m running for Mayor. The answer is simple.

I’m hard wired to make a positive difference. It has driven much of what I’ve done in life, from military service, to charitable boards for service organisations, to 15 years advocacy for small business owners.

I am driven to get up every day and make a positive difference somewhere on the planet.

WHY TAURANGA - because I grew up here, it’s my home. And Sharon and I have a lot of family here. And frankly, Tauranga needs a lot of help. It’s somewhere I believe I can make a real difference.

People who I respect asked me to help. And since declaring my Mayoralty bid, a lot of other places have asked if I’d help them, but Tauranga is my home.

To make the happen, I need your #1 vote this election. Thank you.

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