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I want to make a difference in Tauranga and believe I can as your next Mayor. I couldn't do this without the loving support of my family... I am humbled by these words from my dynamic wife, Sharon Hunter...


The debate about whether good leaders are born or made is enduring and ongoing. Truth is, it’s likely a combination of both. Either way, when you are offered the privilege of leadership, it is a gift. And when you see someone who has a natural flair for it, it is truly something to see.

Tenby Powell is a gifted leader. How do I know? I’ve been lucky enough to watch him lead for nearly 30 years.

Back in the day before we handled our own emails and calls, senior executives had secretaries and personal assistants. Tenby could never keep his! Not because they didn’t like working for him – they loved it, but because Tenby repeatedly saw so much potential in them that he promoted them out of their jobs to a bigger role with more responsibility. Like when he discovered a young diesel mechanic working for Hirepool in New Plymouth. Tenby saw something special, and progressively guided and mentored him to the biggest job in the company. Go forth, be amazing, fulfil your potential; that’s Tenby’s style.

By anyone’s measure, Tenby has achieved an extraordinary amount, and across many different spheres, not just business. When I think about Hirepool, add in military achievements, government agency working groups, boards and carving out time to be a really involved Dad, it gives me pause to tell myself “must work harder Hunter”! He will have more done by lunchtime than most people achieve in a month.

How does one person achieve so much? They don’t, and therein lies something really important. Tenby is all about the team, he is one of the finest collaborators I know. When the vision is agreed and the direction determined, Tenby knows that a highly focused group working together with mutual respect and support for one another can move mountains.

And on the subject of teams, the most important team for Tenby is family; the tight four that is the kids and us, and the wonderful tribe that is our extended family. We are grateful every day for each and every one of them.

Tenby brings a deep humanity to leadership. Most of all, leadership for Tenby is about service. It underpins the very fabric of who he is, and he’s driven to make the world just that little bit better.

Will he make a good Mayor of Tauranga? Most likely the best. - Sharon Hunter

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