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And so it begins.

Thanks for all your support over the last two months everyone, as I transition into political campaign life. This process has been an interesting learning event to say the least and I am more convinced than ever that Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership.

The real action starts on 19 July with candidate nominations officially opening. The first phase (the previous two months’ work) is in good shape, triggered by my early call for a Town Hall Debate which was attended by some 450 Tauranga residents. There will be more debates in August and September.

Following that, I have been able to build a firm 'local' social media base via ‘digital door knocking’ and friend requests, supported by over 250 meetings with individuals and groups; both of which will continue at the same tempo.

Phase two starts today with real door knocking, the ‘Community Matters’ initiative, and the launch of my professional Facebook page and, soon, the website. I'd be grateful if you clicked on Tenby Powell (@tenbyfortauranga) and 'liked' my page; thank you.

In terms of the 'Community Matters' initiative, I will be holding meetings in community halls in every suburb throughout July and August in what will be advertised as, for example, ‘Matua Matters’ and ‘Welcome Bay Matters’. Please click on Tenby Powell (@tenbyfortauranga), then click on the events tab, and click on the event closest to your suburb. These will be updated with new events soon.

The 'Community Matters' are designed for you to discuss what the core needs, issues and opportunities are in your local community, and the wider city and sub-region if you wish.

There will be a lot more to follow and I will keep you updated here, on my personal page, and @tenbyfortauranga (Tenby Powell).

Thanks again for the overwhelming support - I look forward to meeting you at one of the Community Matters events and around town.

Tauranga Deserves Better Leadership

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