I'm humbled to have been elected to serve you, to work for our city and to work for you, the citizens of Tauranga.

My vision for Tauranga is a regionally, nationally and globally connected city. A bold, smart city that embraces partnerships, respects and connects our people through the generations, nurtures our environment with an active focus on sustainability, and celebrates our leadership position as New Zealand’s epicenter for culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

I am privileged to work alongside our Chief Executive and our Elected Members. 

We will transform the Tauranga City Council into a responsive, efficient, collaborative and trusted organisation that makes pragmatically sound decisions and delivers on its promises. We will lead and govern our city inclusively, respectfully, compassionately and effectively.


Tauranga Together. Kotahitanga.

My commitment to you...

 I have asked myself what will define me in this role? 

I will be defined by my ability to draw together an inclusive, respectful, high-performing team that creates partnerships for success, cares for its people, governs with respect and empathy and remembers, every day, that this role is a privilege not a right.

The job of Mayor of Tauranga city is equally important. It also involves your money, your health and safety and, yes, even your lives; certainly your welfare as residents of Tauranga.


But it goes beyond that - as Mayor I will not only safeguard all those essential elements, but I will also be the biggest champion for our community and region. If the mayor cannot stand up and shout the virtues of our city, then who can? I will be that outspoken advocate for our city and region, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Under my leadership we will find better solutions to Tauranga's most pressing issues and, that too, will define me.  Thank you for this opportunity.

I take the job of Mayor of Tauranga very seriously. In my work in the private sector, on government boards and in the military, I have been charged with safeguarding and caretaking investor value creation and advancing ‘brand NZ’ internationally, leading organisation growth and developing high performing cultures and, on occasion, having charge for the lives of my team.


It is my honour to serve you as Mayor of Tauranga. Putting my skillset to work for our great city.

They say the best judge of character is what people say about you when you’re out of the room.

Read testimonials from people I've worked with.

Tauranga Together. Kotahitanga.

Effective Leadership

Financially Savvy Management 

Strong Regional Cooperation

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